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country: Germany
state: Thüringen
city: Zella-Mehlis
district: Mehlis
code: 98544
street: Louis-Anschütz-Str.19
nearly: Mehliser Markt
tel.: 03682 / 482918
fax: 03682 / 482918
mobil: ++55 85 8815 3154
e galeriealzenir
internet: www.alzenir.de
internet: www.alzenir.de/galerie

Good deals have profits for all partners

preview  The Galery Alzenir is a project of www.alzenir.de and various artists.
That galery was born by an idea in the end of 2004. Several artists had the question, if itīs possible to pay with work - with objects of art.
The answer was this galery and OF COURSE !...
The model for pay ist following: The artist pay with a work, which has a value of 200% of our tax.
An example: the artist has to pay 100 US$ - then he can give as an object with a value of 200 US$. We send this object to Germany to exhibit and to sell.

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