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Pedra dos Ventos

Trilha dos Rios
Trilha do Mirante
Trilha da Pedra Lascada
Trilha da Pedra dos Ventos
trip with a couch

region Quixadá

Pedra de Rupestres
artificial lake "açude Cedro"
Serra do Estevão
Fazenda Magé
hang- and paragliding
festival "esporte radical"

region Quixeramobim

Serra do Caboclo
Fazenda Parelhas
Pedra do Letreiro
Pedra da Gaveta
Fazenda Normal - bio-diesel
Serrinha da Santa Maria
Trilha do Cruzeiro

Here You will find besides the peculiar beauty, the comfort and peacefulness of the mountain, adventures and several relaxing activities. We assume that You can rest away from stress of the city and also discover new places, tracks and interact with nature...
Our differential is the Diversification with a unique purpose: total satisfaction of our dear guests. That is Pedra dos Ventos Resort´s philosophy

Welcome to our home!

Come and be a part of our group of Friends. We are a Great Family. You arrive here as a Guest and leave as a Friend. After all Pedra dos Ventos Resort doesn´t intend to be merely a hotel, but an extension of your home.

Built in an area of 122 hectares the hotel Pedra Dos Ventos Resort has 22 apartments, a panoramic restaurant, a parking place for 80 automobiles, a swimming pool exclusively for adults and children of the resort, 3 dams, 1 cave and 4 tracks with increasing degrees of difficulty, besides several places with beautiful views, cascade baths during the raining season and fishing dams...

All simplicity and beauty of the habits and country tradition are present in the alternative rides offered by the hotel Pedra dos Ventos Resort. They are enormous farms in the middle of the savanna, dams in unusual places, resistant perennial rivers to the strongest Northeastern droughts and many other curiosities that only the Country is able to provide us.

The Pedra dos Ventos Resort is located on Juatama Mountain; 18 km from Quixadá. Quixadá is 176 km from Fortaleza and it is easily accessed either by the roads BR 116 or CE 060. Quixadá also has an equipped Airport for landings and take-offs during the day and at night.


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