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Global Clean Ltda.

Since 1992 the company Global Clean Ltda. sells different chemical materials for the building industry and the autorepair. The products are based on polyurethane (foam and adhesive) and on silicone. In addition Global Clean Ltda offers a large array of cleaning agents for the professional employment. Operational areas of the different cleaners are the final cleansing of finished buildings, industrial ranges, building cleaning, motors and the sanitary area.

The products are carefully selected for the needs of our customers and for a good price. In more than 10 years many customers got to know our good service and our good prices.
We have a good logistics. We are able to deliver quickly each desired quantity for our customers.

We use to demonstrate you our products on your own building site. We inform our customers about new developments and tendencies at the market, in order to give them the best conditions for a maximum success. Our array of products is flexible and is updated, if new and better products are available.

For questions and further informations make a personal contact.

Ivo Magro

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